GREEN AGROCHEM – POLYMER CHEMCIALS  is specialized in Sulphonated Naphthalene formaldehyde5%,Sulphonated Naphthalene formaldehyde10%,Sulphonated Naphthalene formaldehyde20%,Sodium gluconate ,Sodium lignosulfonate for construction application purpose.Also we have sodium gluconate used for food industry,lignosulfonate used in agrilculture,animal feed additives,environment protection,oil drilling and so on.Also Sodium Gluconate for food grade,SNF ,Dispersant MF,Dispersant NNO,HPMC PCE and so on.

Our Market

We have exported to many area,Southest Asia Market,such as Viet nam ,Thailed,etc.

South Asia Market :such as India,Pakistan,etc. West Asia Market:such as Jordan ,etc.

Eurpon Market:such as Rusia,etc.Australia market,North America Market:such as Mexico,etc.

Our Production

Our production is strictly under customers’ requirement every step is followed by lab random sampling test and every batch are completely under QC department control.

Our R&D

We are focused on the innovation of renewable solutions using environmentally conscious processes to create value for the global bioeconomy. We utilise waste plant biomass to produce soda lignin, hemicelluloses, bioplastics, and organic liquid soaps through a biorefinery concept to help promote the wider use of sustainable and eco-friendly solutions. Our ultimate goal is to achieve total biomass valorisation (the process of adding value to different types of plants and residues) using a lignin-first approach and to become the number 1 supplier in Africa of lignocellulosic-based platform chemicals.

Enables commercial applications for lignin in various customizable drop-in and ready-to-use solutions for life science and material applications. By utilizing industrially available lignins, we deliver tailored material and develop biobased products with our customers (e.g. microbeads to replace plastics in cosmetics, vegan leather, polyurethane foams), aiming to deliver not only performance but a reduction of up to 80% CO2 emissions in comparison to the oil based counterparts.